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Adventure-A-Day Challenge, Day 10: Secret Order of the Space Cabbies, a Traveller Adventure

Wallach Colcha, Military Police Officer

Required: Deception, Investigate, Streetwise, Broker
A contact, cleared criminal records, and 10,000 credits

A massive, burly woman, clearly a former ground soldier transitioned into the less dangerous world of military police work. Her attire is formal but messy—as though she simply doesn’t have the inclination or energy to fix her appearance.

Her job is interfacing between the Imperial military and local law enforcement—which allows her to easily contact the players if they have any ties to either world. Criminal PCs are likely to run into her as part of a plea bargain. And given the sensitive nature of her latest assignment, mercenary PCs provide a lucrative last-choice option for her.

The Mission – Player Information

Recently a high-end, top-secret piece of military weaponry was stolen by Wizz Dakket, an opportunistic lab technician and sold to a Desskara, wealthy warlord of the planet Galaton-V. The technician has been apprehended—but not before the device was shipped to its client. The good news is sources indicate the device hasn’t arrived yet.  The bad news is that, if we want to ensure that Desskara doesn’t get her hands on the device, it means intercepting the device mid-transit—which means infiltrating the secret order of space cabbies.

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Adventure-A-Day Challenge, Day 9: The Vintners of Dorwinion, a Middle-Earth Adventure for the One Ring

When: Late Autumn, at the end of harvest season, year 2935.
Where: The adventure begins in Esgaroth, shortly after the departure of the Edain, a trade ship carrying freshly-harvested Dorwinion wine.
What: A trading ship from the far eastern land of Dorwinion has gone missing between Esgaroth and the halls of the Elven King, and must be found immediately.
Why: The Edain has been travelling this route for many years. Never before has it missed a shipment. The elves have begun to grow suspicious that the Men of Dale are responsible. In response, the Men of Dale grow defensive and ready to strike. And both sides fear what will happen if rumors swirl back east. The players must get involved and solve the issue if peace is to be kept between the two cities.
Who: The Master of Lake-Town, shrewdly attempting to offset a potential catastrophe (that would make him look bad), organizes the effort to find the Edain.

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Adventure-A-Day Challenge, Day 8: Escape From Con Planet

The Pitch: Deep in the heart of Sigel 38, the planet-wide convention of the far future, a dark menace grows. Something that, if kept unchecked, will consume the planet and all who reside inside. Can the players stop it before it’s too late?

The Setting: Planet Sigel 38, or, as it’s affectionately known to its inhabitants, Con Planet. A global, eternal celebration of anything you can think of—pop culture from across time and space, technological trends, historical figures, all manners of sexual deviancy, and more. But these people do more than just celebrate their passions—they shape huge sections of the world around them, building castles and western towns next to spaceports and alien fortresses.

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Adventure-A-Day Challenge, Day 7: Terror On the Turnpike, an Atomic Highway Adventure

The Pitch: Players are tasked with recovering a stolen tanker full of fresh water, recently stolen by a gang of highway bandits. The problem? The bandits were working for a twisted warlord, who has offered the water as a prize in the dreaded Turnpike Rally. And if the players want it back, they’ll have to enter the rally and survive until the end.

Background: Brit’ha, a small Bartertown located atop a freshwater spring, has maintained a healthy relationship with neighboring communities primarily through its steady supply of drinking water. However, a few days ago, their delivery truck, the Deucalion, was hotwired and driven off the night. With war looming on the horizon, the townsfolk reach out to the players to help them solve who took the truck, track it down, and recover it safely.

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Adventure-A-Day Challenge, Day 6: The Machinemaker, a Bounty Hunter Adventure in the Star Wars Universe

Written for use with the Star Wars Fate Core Mod by Ryan M. Danks. Should be easily convertible to the Fantasy Flight system, however.

The Pitch: It is a dark time for the Rebellion. Luke Skywalker has gone missing. Han Solo has been frozen in Carbonite. And Tomar Ly, a seemingly loyal machinist, has turned on the Rebellion, taking a great deal of stolen data and robotics and going underground. Can the players track down Ly and stop him before he makes his move, potentially endangering lives across the galaxy?

The Cast of Characters: Players are bounty hunters and associated ne’er-do-wells contacted by Mon Mothma of the Rebel Alliance. She reveals the details of the assignment, and conveys to them that the target is to be brought in dead or alive—but the information he has in his possession must be retrieved. Given the target’s paranoia and the extreme sensitivity of the information he stole (and subsequently, the potential danger caused by releasing releasing that information), that the Rebellion cannot be linked to his capture/murder.

The Target: Tomar Ly, Human Machinist

An eccentric and brilliant Coruscanti Engineer, Tomar Ly was brought into the Rebellion shortly after the unveiling of the Death Star. In Ly’s view, machines are meant to bring freedom to people—not oppress them. Ly has been an essential part of the Alliance’s logistical wing, repairing droids and ships, and helping to develop the shield generators used on Hoth.

However, after the Battle of Hoth, Ly seemingly snapped. He became increasingly despondent and prone to outbursts. He began quietly ranting about taking a more direct approaching in shutting down the Empire. And shortly after the Bespin incident, when the Rebellion retracted to tend to its wounds, Ly went AWOL, taking schematics, ship plans, and intel on Imperial officers with him.

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Comic-Con Killed Me. I’m Dead Now.

I died under a pile of comics and 2Bros pizza, as the deities intended.

My body was consumed by the germ cocktail bred in the queue hall, the last shreds of humanity pulled out of me as I ascended into a higher plane of being-now I am Con Crud incarnate.

All of this is a fancy way of saying I’ve got 3 adventures ready to throw on the site tomorrow.

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Adventure-A-Day Challenge, Day 5: Not Without My Monkey

The Pitch: To save a village from the wrath of a Medusa, the heroes must travel into the badlands and retrieve her pet—who happens to be a super-intelligent psychic ape—from a deranged wizard.

Background: Oasis is a small frontier town deep in the Endless Badlands, a small haven where freshwater and vegetation are plentiful—making it a frequent stop for travelers large and small. Unfortunately, it’s also home to the Infernal Aces, a troublesome gang of raiders who like to spend their ill-gotten gains in the city on weekends, trashing bars, stealing luggage, and general being pests. During their most recent trip, they ransacked the Hanging Coconut Inn, accidentally stealing the pet psychic ape of Cyaborah, a powerful Medusa sorcerer, who promptly flipped out and put the city on lockdown.

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Adventure-A-Day Challenge, Day 4: Kazz Danalis, Eccentric Artist, a Traveller Patron

Required: Art, Carouse, Investigate, Deception
Reward: An exquisite holo-sculpture worth approx. Cr. 3,000 (to the right buyer), and +1 SOC to all involved

Player’s Information
Kazz is a renowned holo-sculpter from the planet Cubitz 9, known for its culture built entirely around art and artists. Recently she has discovered a number of nigh-identical forgeries of her work flooding the market, each more complex than the last. Forgery is, of course, the highest crime one can commit on Cubitz 9—the type of crime that forms a media circus at its merest mention. And, given how artists violently hate it when other artists get attention, Danalis feels she is at risk making claims without concrete proof.

The mission is to arrive on Cubitz 9, track down the forger, obtain proof, and convict them, without it getting back to Kazz.

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Adventure-A-Day Challenge, Day 3: Wrestlers vs. Robocop

For use with the Fate Accelerated hack PPV.

The Pitch: After a marketing stunt gone horribly wrong, an experimental peacekeeping robot has locked down the Cosmo City Arena and begun turning wrestlers and fans into his mind-controlled personal army. Can the remaining wrestlers band together and fight back for freedom?

The Setting: The heady days of the late 80s wrestling scene. Zubaz, coke, and money are flying, and everyone is getting in on the action.

The Cast of Characters: Wrestlers for the Fist-Fighting Federation, the world’s largest wrestling organization. Players are encouraged to “live the gimmick, brother;” heels and babyfaces don’t get along, heels cheat, babyfaces rally the public, and so on.

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Adventure-A-Day Challenge, Day 2: Big City Titans

The Pitch: PCs find themselves caught in a cosmic manhunt when they cross paths with a reincarnated Prometheus, seeking to give new fire to the people of earth. Can they evade the gods themselves long enough to help the young celestial accomplish his goal?

The Setting: The big city. The concrete jungle. A stylized, rough-and-tumble image of urban life seen in films like Streets of Fire, Streets of Rage, The Golden Child, and Beverly Hills Cop, as well as games like the Dresden Files RPG and Feng Shui. Over-the-top gangs, superpowered hackers, and thriving black markets abound.

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